Truly Flexible. Brilliantly Simple. The Revolutionary firing system from fireTEK

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- We started developping the firing system in 2009, the first one was released in 2012 and ever since we continued growing and innovating. Now we have more than 1000 clients located in more than 50 countries.

Why fireTEK?
Try it and you will like it, Understand it and you will love it.

There is a lot of firing systems on the market and all can be used to make a show so only details make the difference. In our goal to becoming number one we focus on details so that we can offer to the user a system with high safety standards, flexibility, time and money saving and with new innovative features. fireTEK guarantees a faster and easier setup/dismantle, fast error detection, backup solutions for possible issues you may encounter in the field and of course 100% fire all the time with a minimum check list (based on clients feedback and fails which are system fault). We always try to find solutions to problems that may appear in the field and to avoid errors made by the users, which may have as a result a show fail or even a life loss. When others prefer to say the fault was on the user because he made a mistake and they do nothing else, we try to find solutions so that any problem is avoided and the user does not repeat a mistake. We are open minded and always listen to the clients suggestions and always ask for feedback from them. We are trying to find out especially what they do not like so that we can come up with improvements.

Main advantages:

- fireTEK automatically tests and reports any error in real time. 10 seconds - this is the time a firetek controller needs to interrogate up to 99 firing modules (6336 independent channels) via wireless and/or wired, detect and report errors in one screen, easy to identify. This report includes: script errors - what it is in the script vs. what it is connected, battery levels, communication problems, other critical errors are detected and reported. This happens in cycles, fully automatic so if an error occurs, such as a disconnected cable or igniters, module not responding, low battery, you will find out about it in about 10 seconds. Think about how much time you need to detect errors in your current system and how many buttons you need to press.
- After arming the system, firetek controller automatically rechecks all modules status: if they are really armed, if they have enough power to fire, if communication is OK, if the module is ready to fire or if other critical issues occurred. After you press start, firetek controller sends every 3 seconds a sync message to modules so if one of them missed the start command it will start fully synchronized every 3 seconds. This way when you press Start you are sure you will not have a black sky and all modules will be firing.
- fireTEK module status can be easily read directly from a remote screen (same screen you see on the module) or from the module screen without being necessary to power the controller to check for errors. Users can do all checking on the field only with the module powered on.
- fireTEK it is the only system able to check in real time if a current channel is fired and increase open time until it fires or the maximum time is reached.
- fireTEK modules save checks when powered on and every 3 seconds all critical components need to fire and report if any issue occurred.
- fireTEK modules are fully independent and they run a script from their internal memory. With this approach it does not matter what happens with other modules or if interferences occur in the network. Even the rails are independent so if something happens with a rail (ground explosion or cable burnt) you lose only that rail and not the entire module.
- Wireless - with mesh network and a clever design of wireless components, using legal power (NO boosters), and standard antennas (NO high gain antennas), you can achieve up to 2 miles (3 km) range line of sight and up to 20 miles (30 Km) with the modules placed as repeaters. More than that, the remote does not need to have line of sight with all modules and even it may work if you forget to connect the antenna when it is near a module with signal.
- No backup controller needed. Any fireTEK module can act as Master and control up to 99 modules via wireless and/or wire. Even it has less features than a remote, you can still fire a show as you wish: manually, automatically or semiautomatically, with or without music. On other systems you may want/need to have an extra controller as a backup to be sure if the main one has a problem to be still able to make the show.
- fireTEK is the most flexible system that can find on the market. It can be controlled from firetek controller or even other firing system controllers via Wireless and/or wired, Computer or Android tablet via USB, panel buttons, Time code, GPS time, Small remote via wireless (in development) or a standard Mouse (in development). The system can be split as you wish without the need of a controller for each location you want place a show, it can be used to extend your other system. If you have more shows during the same night but not enough controllers, with firetek you can do it. Why pay for extra controllers to cover all your shows when you need it only one or two days a year?
- fireTEK Rails can be chained so you can easily fire same rail from up to 10 locations on up to 50m front. The length of the cables depends on the cable quality. This feature is very useful for fronts setup where you have a limited number of modules available.
- fireTEK safety is the main guidance - we designed the system with an intuitive and intelligent state machine to avoid unauthorized and/or unintended fire. The communication is encrypted, you can add passwords for firing states and we made specific states machines where the firing is not possible. You can easily disable specific channels, modules or an entire safety zone.
- fireTEK especially designed the system to be easy to use and to easily find the main accessories you may need, such as cables and chargers. UTP cables, USB chargers and standard external battery used for phones keeps you away from carrying expensive special chargers, cables or batteries. Those parts we use are easy to find anywhere in the world and much cheaper than a custom part. Special cables (like DB cables) are hard to find, more expensive, easy to suffer mechanical or fire damage. More than that, if you lose a cable it does not matter it is bullet proof, you need to pay the full price for a new one. How much do your accessories cost you right now?
- The system is light and compact to be easy to handle and transport even on air travels. The weight of a complete system with 1000 channels is only 15Kg without cables and can easily fit in a standard luggage. How much does your system weigh, with the same configuration?
- With a clever design fireTEK will save your time, money and maybe your life

New hardware (available soon)

1. Features:
- No time restrictions: any channel can be fired with 1ms resolution
- Fire voltage: up to 30V@10A. 1.5F stored energy available for fire tis means 300 times more energy available than other capacitive discharge systems
- On a single channel you can fire up to 25 igniters in series and up to 10 in parallel (250 combined)
- Rails with 16 channels connected via a standard UTP cable
- internal battery with more than 24 hours standby
- Easy charge or from any USB adapter
- External battery: any standard external battery used for smartphones. This also will charge internal battery
- Compatibility with other firing systems - can be used to extend and/or add more pyro channels or features (DMX, GPS, Time code) to your current firing system
- Display to check local module status such as: connected rails/channels, battery/wireless signal level and automatic report errors. Errors found are easy to identify because they will flash. All those tests and error reports are also available on the controller screen.
- USB Drive script upload - You can fast and easy upload script into module using an USB drive. You can see on the screen what you need to do and a report on what was uploaded after the upload is finished. In the script you can add on each channel a name which can be the product you use or other information it may help you. Each channel with its name and status (including a precise resistance measure) will be available on the screen easy to access. The script can be also uploaded to module from remote via wireless/wired or from computer software via USB.
- Easy and fast firmware update from computer via USB
- USB mouse (under developing) - to make user interaction easier. You will be able to connect a mouse to module and by using the mouse scroll and buttons to control module and check the status much easier.
- Modular design - the system can be easily upgraded with new features (options), more channels added (from 16 to 32 or 64) or repaired.
- Metal buttons with LEDs for control and power and we also offer key switch as an option
- Fiberglass case, flame retardant, shock proof, water resistant. Case, connectors and buttons are easy, fast and cheap to replace if they are damaged or you want to refresh the look of the module
- The module electronics can be easily moved in a Nanuk 909 case which has built in connectors for igniters and we also offer RJ-45 connectors to use external rails
- Also based on our research and clients feedback we strongly recommend and guarantee reliability with RJ-45 connectors and UTP cables; if a client wants, he can use a different connector and cable for rails
- 10 years warranty of main electronic boards
- Full refund in 30 days
- Rent possibilities (Free of charge if the system is used in international festivals)

a. DMX option - module can reliably control wireless and/or 2 wire fully automatic and/or semiautomatic (manual) any DMX devices. It can control any DMX device is suitable especially for flames, CO2 and basic lights. It has 100 DMX available channels that fully independent from the pyro channels. For example, with 100 DMX channels of a firetek module you can control independently up to 50 flames with 2 channels. Finale 3D can be used for DMX scripts which also offer a great simulation of your show or you can use our free software (no simulation) or even excel. The DMX scripts are very easy to make after you understand DMX protocol.
b. Time code option - module can be controlled directly from SMPTE LTC time code. We are also working to be compatible with FSK Time code used by other well-known systems.
c. Other systems compatibility option (in development) - This will allow the fireTEK modules to act as a module of other firing system. You will be able to check statuses, control and program directly from other system controllers. This will extend the number of channels in the system or even add features which your current system may not have, such as DMX, GPS, Time code.
d. GPS option – the module can be set to start at a specific time and it can automatically show location in the field (in development)
e. More options in development such as: Small 2 buttons remote, external trigger, Bluetooth and others

3. Rails - one of the most important part for pyrotechnicians who need to connect the igniters, so we try to find a design and connectors which may help them
- rails are connected to module via a standard UTP cable
- We choose UTP cables because they are flexible, cheap, easy to find anywhere in the world so you do not need to carry them with you. More than that, you can easily find UTP cables even in industrial or military grade protection fully waterproof and fireproof. Even the standard UTP cables will may not last forever, but they are so cheap (1 - 2 usd per 3m - 10ft patrch cord) you can even replace them for every show Special cables or DB cables are hard to find, more expensive, easy to suffer mechanical or fire damage. More than that, if you lose a cable it does not matter it is bullet proof, you need to pay the full price for a new one
- Connectors for igniters - we are the only system to offer this kind of connector with a manual lever. It is very suitable for this industry because once the wire is fixed it stays there, get a solid connection and does not depend on a weak spring and it can be used even by guys with big fingers. You can connect fast and easy any kind of igniters. The main advantage is when you need to disconnect, it only needs a few seconds to disconnect an entire rail without any risk to damage something. If you think the dismantle needs to be done fast and it is dark, with this solution of disconnecting the igniters is fast even without light and this is a huge advantage. We will make a small demonstration about how fast these rails are connected and especially disconnected
- Cable length between module and rail can be up to 100m (300 ft)
- Rails can be used in a chain to be fired from up to 10 locations. The cable length can be up to 50m, depending on the cable quality
- Rails have LEDs built in with two functions: to check scripts without the need to use bulbs and to easy detect in the field if a channel is connected or not. If the rails are connected to a powered on module which does not have an igniter connected, it will flash
- We will also offer in the future a small adapter for fast igniters with connectors already attached

Website under construction - For more info about our products please contact us on: